Vural Öger’s beginnings as an entrepreneur are dating back over forty years- back then the young and fresh graduate engineer rented an office space in Hamburg with his small savings. He sold his first flight tickets from his desk in the front of the office and slept in the back, because he couldn’t afford his own apartment. He didn’t receive any loans from the bank or from investors.

And yet- Vural Öger managed to become one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the travel industry: With a high degree of enthusiasm for work, with discipline, the willingness to walk every extra mile needed, the self-confidence that he would in the end “make it”, by building up a strong partnership network and –last but not least- that little bit of luck that every business man needs to be doing the right thing just at the right time.

Today, Vural Öger not only enjoys sharing his experiences and knowledge with young founders, he also invests in new talents.

As business angel and jury member of the VOX-TV Show “Höhle der Löwen” (airing August 2014, the German version of the popular US Show “Shark Tank” and the BBC show “Dragon’s Den”) he supports Start-ups with fresh capital, know-how and his own business network, in order to push the young company’s success.

In Germany, venture capital is a comparatively young playing field. Vural Öger hope is thus, that his efforts will inspire other entrepreneurs to do the same and that this leads to new dynamics in German business culture: What is needed are better ties and stronger cooperation between the “older generation” of business men and young start-ups, better transfer of knowledge (both ways that is!) and more capital made available for new, good ideas- so that they don’t only remain ideas.